Six-Year-Old From Russia Has Been Named The Most Gorgeous Girl In The World – 8 Pics

Remember Thylane Blondeau? She also entered the modeling world as a young child, seeing her face everywhere. Well, people are saying that Anastasiya might just be the next Thylane. And I can totally see that.


Russia has been known for having some of the most gorgeous young models, with Irina Shayk and Kristina Pimenova being previously dubbed the most beautiful girls in the world. But not everyone is on board.


Even though Anastasiya is getting large amounts of support on her official Instagram page, there are those who have criticized her mother for letting her daughter model. They also have an issue with her wearing large amounts of makeup.


One person wrote, “I’d like to know how much make-up her parents give her before each photo.” While another commented, “Why does not she smile? She is a child…”. But as long as this is what the six-year-old loves doing, and enjoys it, no one should assume anything.


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