Six-Year-Old From Russia Has Been Named The Most Gorgeous Girl In The World – 8 Pics

We work pretty hard throughout our lives to become successful. We go through a “journey” to figure out what it is exactly we want to do for the rest of our lives, usually only realizing it in our 20’s (if we’re lucky). Well, not for Anastasiya Knyazeva.

She’s from Russia and she happens to be only six-year-old. Anastasiya has already starred in several campaigns for big-name Russian brands, including Chobi Kids, and has an incredible 523,000 Instagram followers who are in absolute awe of her.

This little girl looks like a real-life doll, so it does not surprise anyone that she has been dubbed the most beautiful girl in the world. Her social media account is run by her mother, Anna, who uploads gorgeous photos of her adorable daughter since July 2015 when she was only four years old.

People who follow this Instagram accounts are not shy of leaving comments on Anastasiya’s photos that are in complete “awe”. One commentator wrote, “OMG…I think she is the most beautiful girl on the earth!!”


Another person commented, “What a beautiful eyes.” Then there was one person who wrote, “Omg. This is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Her eyes.”


Last year in October, Anastasiya was voted the face of Little Miss Aoki, which is a line from luxury couture fashion house, Mischka Aoki.


There are many who believe that this little girl will follow in the footsteps of Russian model Irina Shayk. Irina became a household name in 2007 when she represented the brand Intimissimi.