People Are Sharing Shitty Life Tips, And They’re Just Too Funny – 82 Pics

#70 Roll Your Window Down, Put A Six Pack Of Beer On It And Roll It Back Up To Keep Half Your Beer Cold On Your Commute To Work



#71 Add An Extra 1-2 PSI To The Driver Side Front Tire When Inflating Your Tires, Because That’s The One That Has To Support Your Fat Ass



#72 Pray Yourself In The Eyes With Windex To Quickly Clean Your Contacts Without The Hassle Of Removing Them



#73 Use A Hair Dryer To Preheat A Pizza If You Don’t Have A Microwave



#74 Use Plastic Wrap As A Waterproof Phone Case



#75 Use An Extension Cord To Maximize The Length When Phone Charger Is Too Short To Reach The Outlet



#76 Never Buy Dental Floss Again! Attach A Small Handle In The Middle Of The Dispenser And Use It To Retract The Floss After You Use It Instead Of Tearing Off A New Piece Each Time



#77 Use Knives To Hang Shit Without Damaging Anything



#78 Use This Life Hack And No One Will Know There Are Holes In Your Shoes



#79 Combine Bathroom Breaks And Lunch Breaks To Maximise Time Efficiency



#80 Marinate, Season, And Tenderize Your Steak All At The Same Time! Add One Cup Off Bbq, Teriyaki, Or Other Flavored Sauce To The Washing Machine, And Run Your Steaks On A Short No Rinse Cycle. Add Spices And Herbs To The Fabric Softener Dispenser For Added Flavor