People Are Sharing Shitty Life Tips, And They’re Just Too Funny (66 Pics)

#60 Coffee Got Cold? Heat It Up Quick On The Stove



#61 The Iphone 7 Does Has A Headphone Jack! It’s Just Hidden Behind The Casing. All You Have To Do To Access It Is To Drill A Small Hole 14mm From The Left Edge. The Drill Shouldn’t Be Larger Than 4mm



#62 If You Need To Rob A Bank And Don’t Have A Stocking, Use An Extra Large Condom Instead



#63 Turn One Cigarette Upside Down And Smoke It Last. This “Lucky Cigarette” Will Prevent You From Getting Cancer



#64 Don’t Put Gas In Your Car, The Extra Weight Reduces Fuel Efficiency



#65 Grab A Piping Hot Cuppa Joe At The Corner Store And Stick An Egg In It To Make A Hard Boiled Morning Snack



#66 Instead Of Wasting Cans, Put Them To Use And Make Do-It-Yourself Cup